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Sara Agerton was born and raised in Dillsburg to hard-working parents who instilled in her
the values of community and care, leading Sara to become a social worker to advocate for
underserved people. On the Mechanicsburg Borough Council, Sara worked tirelessly with our
communities and across the political aisle to provide the best resources for veterans, persons
with disabilities, the elderly, and families in Central Pennsylvania. As a representative, Sara will:
• Invest in local businesses that help revitalize our local economy
• Fight for affordable health care
• Create solutions to improve our infrastructure and environment
• Uphold our Constitution to defend the rights of all Americans

Women should always have the right to make decisions about their body. But in Pennsylvania, our reproductive freedom is under attack. 
Sara will fight to protect:
•A woman’s right to have an abortion
•Access to high-quality, affordable
reproductive health care


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