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I was born and raised in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Growing up, my parents would pack up the family and drive around to visit church members and neighbors to ensure that they had all the help they needed during challenging times. I know that everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, what they believe, and regardless of their politics, will face hard times and need some help. I want to be your next representative from the 88th because I've been a helper all my life.

I continued along the path of service after graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Criminology degree. with the intention of going into law enforcement but I quickly determined that law enforcement was not designed to get to the root of the problems facing people today. I dove into social work advocating for people who couldn't ind the help they needed. I completed my master's in Social Work at Temple University and have devoted my career to identifying resources, fighting for services, and advocating for all Pennsylvanians.

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I've spent my entire life in central Pennsylvania. I've volunteered at the polls, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, and I served with the Sadler Health Center working to bring affordable and accessible healthcare to underserved communities on the West Shore.


In 2016, after a long day working at the polls, I went home to watch the election results with my daughter. I thought we would be witnessing a different type of history. Looking around at what my community needed, I ran for Mechanicsburg borough council, a board that was only representing a slice of our community. I was determined to be a voice for women and for Democrats, but I knew in order to do that I needed to find out what people needed from their local government. I knocked every door I could and won by 17 votes, not because I talked but because I listened.

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As borough council member, I recruited more representative candidates and have worked across the aisle to: • Develop a ten-year comprehensive plan for Mechanicsburg, the first comprehensive plan in twenty-five years • Spearhead the first borough street-paving project in fifteen years • Increase funds for the fire department • Fund police cameras and more better emergency reponse communication equipment • Worked with South Mountain Trolley Greenway to build bike trails between local communities • Initiate a car-leasing program that will save taxpayer money and supply more fuel-efficient vehicles for borough use


As a social worker and a Mechanicsburg Borough Councilmember I am responding to the needs voiced by my neighbors. We all need help sometimes. I answer every call to provide crucial resources for every family in central Pennsylvania. I listen when they know something is wrong and work to fix it. I want to take all your voices with me to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. We will ensure our government finally works for us.


Sara for PA-88

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